Make A Custody And Support Plan That Works For Your Child

Divorce is more complicated when children are involved, unfortunately. Each family is different, but in every divorce, the parents must reach some agreement on where their child or children will live, where they will go to school, what religion they will practice and who will pay their bills.

All of these questions and many others can be addressed in a thorough custody plan, also called a parenting plan, combined with an equally thorough plan for child support payments, if necessary. The Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., can help you consider the many questions that will come up sooner or later as your child or children grow up, so that the parenting plan that you and your spouse agree to is built to last and will not require frequent modification.

Find Child Custody And Support Arrangements That Are Sustainable

The most important quality of any child custody plan is that it is designed to benefit your child or children. As your lawyer, Jeanne Murray is also committed to advocating for your rights and interests as a parent, but it is also true that a mutually satisfactory child custody plan is more sustainable in the long term.

Many factors go into calculating child support, including:

  • The needs of your child, including educational costs, health insurance, housing, food and other costs

  • The income and needs of the parent with primary custody, if there is one
  • The paying parent's income and assets

  • The standard of living to which the child was accustomed before the divorce

Hire An Attorney Who Understands The Stakes For Your Children

Jeanne Murray has represented parents as well as a number of children over the course of her career in California. She understands how divorce and other significant life changes can affect a child, and she is committed to helping you design a parenting plan that will help you raise happy, healthy children.

To schedule a free consultation in San Diego with the Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., call Jeanne Murray at 619-880-4331 or contact her online.