Divorce: Legal Guidance In A Difficult Time

Getting divorced can be a painful experience, but it does not need to derail the rest of your life, and it's within your power to control how much your divorce will impact the other areas of your life. Once you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, the best thing to do is to complete the proper paperwork as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the legal process does not drag on.

The Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., is here to help you do exactly that. Attorney Jeanne Murray has earned a reputation for helping guide her clients through the divorce process in a way that keeps their stress to a minimum during a painful time in their lives. Jeanne will answer your questions thoroughly so that you can make informed and timely decisions throughout the process.

Legal Assistance With Divorce And Related Matters

In addition to filing for divorce itself, the Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., can help with the many related issues that come with divorce, including:

Furthermore, as a Navy veteran and a former Navy judge advocate, Jeanne has unique insight into the challenges facing military couples considering divorce such as fairly dividing military retirement benefits and designing a custody plan when, for example, parents are stationed far from each other.

For more information, refer to our page on frequently asked questions about divorce.

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