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Is Divorce Mediation Better Than Going To Court?

Every couple will have unique needs and desired outcomes in their divorce case. Depending on your situation, mediation or litigation may be better suited to help you.

For couples who want to complete their divorce quickly in a cost-effective manner, mediation could help each party move forward. However, each spouse must be open to reasonable negotiations and be willing to compromise on certain matters.

On the other hand, high-conflict divorces may require litigation. If spouses are unable to agree to their own divorce terms, a judge can ensure that the outcome is fair to both parties.

How Does A Court Decide Who Gets Custody Of The Children?

When awarding custody to divorcing parents, courts prioritize the needs of the children. In many cases, courts assume that keeping a relationship with both parents is the best course of action for the child. If a divorce involves allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse or other special circumstances, the court will evaluate the risks involved with granting each parent custody.

If both parents receive joint custody, they can then form a parenting plan together. This plan determines the details of separately raising the child, such as when the child switches between the two homes and how he or she can communicate with the other parent.

How Can I Make Sure My Divorce Is Fair?

Whether you decide to pursue divorce through negotiations or in court, you can take measures to protect your interests. Because California laws protect spouses and children regarding asset division, spousal maintenance and child custody, it is important to know your rights.

With an experienced family law attorney at your side, you may be able to reach your goals during divorce. During asset division, for example, your lawyer can help you properly value your property and separate retirement accounts.

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