Putting Children In The Right Homes

Every child deserves to grow up happy, healthy and safe. That is not always possible, unfortunately, but guardianship and adoption can be used to grant parental rights to caring, responsible adults when a child's biological parents are unable or unwilling to provide the home life the child deserves.

The Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., can help you formalize your role under California law as a child's legal guardian. In many cases, this title is bestowed upon grandparents and other relatives of the child in question, but that is by no means a requirement. On a temporary basis, guardians take on the responsibility of caring for a child.

Legal guardians are responsible for providing several key conditions in the lives of the children for whom they are responsible:

  • Food, clothing and shelter

  • Safety and protection

  • Financial management

  • Medical care and dental care

From Guardianship To Adoption

For a more permanent solution, many families eventually turn to adoption. Adopting a child is a huge commitment for all parties involved, and it comes with many more legal steps to make it a reality. But adoption can provide truly long-term stability for the whole family, and saves the adoptive parents the hassle of renewing guardianship rights or alternative arrangements.

Speak With A Lawyer About Guardianships And Adoption

Attorney Jeanne Murray's job is to help her clients find homes and responsible parental arrangements for the children in their lives.

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