Military Law

Call a lawyer that understands your rights

Whether you are facing criminal charges at court martial, a possible negative separation from the military, non-judicial punishment, or other adverse action by the military, it is important to have an experienced and effective attorney who will advise you and fight to protect your rights. Jeanne Murray understands the stress, disorientation, and fear of the unknown that come with facing military charges or an administrative separation. She can help you through the military justice process to achieve the best possible outcome with the least possible negative impact on your life.

Jeanne Murray has years of experience as a Navy Judge Advocate, including representation of dozens of Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel at administrative separation boards and courts martial. She is a seasoned litigator in the military courts with experience in all aspects of court martial, having represented clients in cases involving charges of assault, larceny, sexual assault, and drug possession, among others.

Ms. Murray has a keen understanding of the military and the military justice system, having served as both a JAG officer and a line officer during her varied military career. She combines this intimate knowledge of the military with sharp courtroom skills and a deep knowledge of the law to achieve the best possible result for her clients.