Divorcing military parents can struggle to deal with visitation. You will likely spend long periods of time stationed away from your child. Today, we will look at how you can handle visitation in two different scenarios.

If you are currently stationed in a different state and are not likely to move, there are several options open to you. First, arrange for longer periods of visitation. Weekly appointments will likely not be possible. Examples include having your child stay for winter or summer breaks. You can arrange for matters like who will pay for the child’s transportation. You can also decide who will pick them up, whether they will take a plane or train, and so on.

Overseas deployment can be a little trickier. In some cases, you may be able to get your visitation hours assigned to one of your family members. This may be a good compromise. It allows your child to foster a bond with your family. It also gives them the chance to learn more about you through them. You can also schedule make-up hours after your deployment ends. Finally, you can employ virtual visitation tactics. This includes video chat, phone calls, email, and texts. You can decide on what times and days to contact each other and work from there.

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