Residents who live in California that are in one of the branches of the military or who may be married to a member of the United States Armed Forces know that at some point, they may experience a physical separation from their spouse due to a military deployment. Knowing that this can be part of a military career and really being prepared to deal with all that it can mean to a marriage are sometimes two very different things. 

According to some research conducted by the Rand Corporation, a married couple may experience more stress on their relationship the first time one spouse is deployed than with a second or subsequent deployment. This may be due to the fact that couples are less prepared for the toll that a deployment can take on their marriage when they have not yet experienced this event. 

If the deployed service member experiences severe trauma while deployed, any signs of post-traumatic stress disorder upon returning home may also pose a challenge to a marriage. 

Military spouses who find the issues related to deployment to be sufficient to prompt a divorce should make a concerted effort to have all of their affairs in order. This means they should document all things like bank account records and logins, credit card accounts, vehicle loans or leases, rental agreements, mortgage details and insurance policies. Having a clear picture of their marital estate, financial status, income and expenses will be helpful as they start down the road to reach a divorce agreement. It is also important for spouses to notate any unusual activity on their accounts.