The summer visitation schedule can be complex when dealing with a new divorce. Summer vacation is one of the best times of year to bond with your children. If one parent has limited custody, it can be a source of drama between you and your former spouse. Most of the time, the two of you would follow the court’s order when it comes to custody. However, if you have different plans or if the current custody plan does not suit your needs, then HuffPost explains that you can speak with your former spouse about a change in plans. 

If you want to plan something different for your summer vacation, then you should work with your child’s other parent to figure out how you want to split up the weeks. Always keep your child’s emotional well-being the priority. If your child is not used to going without one parent for a long period, you may want to ensure that one can visit during the other’s custody time. 

If your child plans to go to summer camp, you should make plans well in advance. You and your former spouse have to work out the agreed upon extracurricular activities. Make sure that your plan outlines the activities and how each of you plans to pay for them. 

When it comes to changing any plans, remember that all visitation changes are requests. The court may not honor all requests and it is crucial that you seek permission if you plan to go on vacation or travel with your child. Never make any surprise plans in the last minute.