After a military divorce, you may have primary custody of your child. Some service members do not recognize that it is possible to fight for primary custody, even if you may face deployment in the near future. You cannot lose the rights to your children due to your military service. If you are the best candidate for primary custody, then you can retain it after the divorce. Of course, you still have to think about childcare when you leave. 

Your career may take you from your children. In this case, you have to have a caregiver or someone assigned to take your place. The caregiver will have information on child care, school, medical care and other activities. The U.S. Department of Defense explains that military members must have a family care plan. 

Family care plans include the following elements: 

  • Medical information 
  • Family routine information 
  • Daily activity outlines 
  • Contact lists and important documents 
  • Explanation of dependent ID cards and military treatment facilities 

The point of the care plan is to provide all necessary information while you are away. Your child should be able to remain on the same routine, continue care with the same doctors and likewise, you should have resources for the caregiver in case he or she needs help. Most of the time, military personnel choose a close family member to care for their children while they are away. In these cases, most people are not as familiar with the military lifestyle or the different resources available to your child. The family care plan document helps to clear up any confusion and set forth a guide.