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An Experienced Attorney At Your Side In Facing A Military Board Of Inquiry

If you’re a member of the U.S. military, you understand the responsibility of wearing a uniform. But, sometimes, that uniform gets tarnished if you face disciplinary actions that could lead to a court martial and subsequent discharge. Your sights on having a career in the military suddenly are in jeopardy. Things have gone awry, and now you face a hearing before a Military Board of Inquiry.

If you face such disciplinary actions, it’s crucial to retain an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of these hearings as well as the challenges faced by military members. The Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., in San Diego, has the skills and commitment to help. Ms. Murray is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where she also served as a judge advocate. She understands the pressures faced by military members and will help you navigate through the complex legal system.

A Solid Defense Strategy To Overcome Such Accusations

Ms. Murray will provide you with a solid defense strategy. She is committed to her fellow military clients in resolving your case as swiftly as possible. She is an experienced litigator with a keen understanding of the military. Her commitment to her clients is unwavering.

Poor performance or misconduct can lead to a hearing before a Military Board of Inquiry. Reasons for such inquiries include:

  • Failure to follow approved orders
  • A friendly-fire situation
  • The crash of an aircraft
  • A ship collision
  • Drug abuse
  • Physical assault
  • Sexual assault

Ms. Murray is an experienced litigator who will attempt to salvage your military career. She is a persuasive negotiator and skilled attorney who will work to the best of her abilities.

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A serious accusation of misconduct can lead to a hearing before a Military Board of Inquiry, which consists of senior officers. Your military career could come to an abrupt end. You need the legal services of the Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., in San Diego. Not only is she a U.S. Navy veteran, but Ms. Murray also is a skilled lawyer with unique insights into the challenges of the military. For a free consultation, contact her  or call 619-880-4331.