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Representing You In Court-Martial, Administrative Separations

When military members find themselves in serious trouble, they have few options. Their career is threatened due to poor decisions that may haunt them for years to come. And they likely face either a court-martial or an administrative separation.

You may find yourself thrust in this situation due to accusations of sexual assault, assault and battery, manslaughter, larceny, arson, conspiracy, desertion, mutiny, insubordination, and murder. And if you do, you need a seasoned attorney who understands the military and its culture. The Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., in San Diego has the credibility and skills to help. Our law firm is led by Ms. Murray, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where her duties included serving as a judge advocate.

A Seasoned Lawyer Who Understands Military Culture

Criminal trials for military members are known as a court-martial. Any military member who violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice may receive a court-martial. If a judgment goes against you, an appeal is in order. Did the judge make a mistake? Was questionable evidence introduced? Ms. Murray’s keen understanding of the military becomes beneficial.

An administrative separation may not be as serious as a court-martial, and is similar to a termination from a civilian job. However, your military career still will end due to disciplinary issues that may include misconduct, insubordination, inability to control weight, or poor or nonperformance of duties.

Each of these proceedings is an intimidating experience. If you find yourself a subject of a court-martial or administrative separation hearing, it is crucial that you retain a seasoned attorney who understands every single detail of these two processes.

Members Of The Military Can Depend On Us; Call For A Free Consultation

When facing dismissal from the military via a court-martial or administrative separation, you need a knowledgeable attorney. The Law Offices of Jeanne W. Murray, P.C., in San Diego, understands military culture. Ms. Murray is a U.S. Navy veteran who will represent you to the best of her abilities. She offers free consultations, so contact her via email at XXX or call her at 619-880-4331.